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Bulgarian Companies

The experienced corporate lawyers and chartered accountants at Bulgarian Companies Limited have registered 1500+ Bulgarian companies from the beginning of 2014. We have assisted more EU citizens?to relocate their business to Bulgaria than any other law firm or consultancy. Our mission is to make the process of business relocation to Bulgaria and tax optimization, as hassle-free as possible by providing our clients with highest standard services and unbeatable prices.

Led by a talented and experienced team of corporate lawyers and chartered accountants who intimately understand Bulgarian corporate and tax law, Bulgarian Companies Limited is the only Bulgarian firm recommended by the prestigious online legal guide, Global Law Experts in 2016 & 2017 in practice area Business Formation Law.?Furthermore, Bulgarian Companies Limited is one of the only three Bulgarian firms members of the International Tax Planning Association. We love to optimize our clients’ taxes!

Company Formation in Bulgaria


Setting up Legal Entities in Bulgaria

Our corporate lawyers in Bulgaria can assist you with the registration of the following legal entities:

*All Bulgarian companies are registered with the Bulgarian Commercial Register. The registration in the Register is a precondition for starting a business in Bulgaria.

For assistance to set up a company in Bulgaria, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accounting and Tax Services in Bulgaria

Our chartered accountants will be glad to help you to optimize your taxes and assist with your company monthly and annual accounting and payroll:

If you would like to switch your current Bulgarian accountant to us, please feel free to contact us.

Get a license for your business in Bulgaria

Apart from setting up legal entities in Bulgaria, our firm can assist you to get any license your business may require. Assistance can be provided to obtain employment agency license, gambling, defense related, air operator license in Bulgaria, EMI license in Bulgaria, pharmaceutical or any other license granted by the Ministry of Healthcare, Defense, Interior Affairs, Finance or Economy Ministries.

Financial difficulties for your Bulgarian company

If you no longer need your Bulgarian company or the company runs into financial difficulties that cannot be resolved, our lawyers can assist with liquidation and insolvency proceedings. If your partners have outstanding debts to you and you tried all possible options to recover the debts and have no results, our team will ensure fast and effective debt collection in Bulgaria. Our recovery rates are in the range of 80-90%.?

Buying a Property in Bulgaria

Our team of experienced property lawyers will assist you to buy a property in Bulgaria and avoid the most common mistakes first time buyers make when buying a Property in Bulgaria.

Advantages using the services of Bulgarian Companies Ltd.

  • No fee for a registered office address! We will provide a top location registered office address for your Bulgarian company free of charge for as long as you need!?
  • No maintenance, annual or hidden fees! Accounting services in Bulgaria are separate services not included in the set up of a limited company in Bulgaria and the company annual maintenance. You can find more information about Cloud Accounting in Bulgaria.
  • No fee for reserving a name for your Bulgarian company!
  • Guaranteed lowest price! If you are offered a lower price, we would be happy to beat it!
  • Competitive pricing for Accounting Services in Bulgaria!
  • The accounting services inlcude Payroll Services in Bulgaria and VAT services in Bulgaria.
  • The set of company formation documents is bilingual – English & Bulgarian, French & Bulgarian or Italian & Bulgarian, when desired other languages are also a possibility!

Please take a look at our prices to see the most competitive prices for establishing Bulgarian companies.

Immigration Services in Bulgaria

Our immigration and citizenship lawyers will assist you to get Bulgarian Visa, Residency and eventually Bulgarian citizenship.

Sven Franken

“I have worked with Bulgarian Companies Limited for some time now and every time the team finds professional and fast solution for any personal or company legal issue. I highly recommend this law firm in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.”

Sven Franken

Robert Cromwell

“The lawyers at Bulgarian Companies Limited did an amazing job obtaining everything needed for our company to do the business in Bulgaria. Thank you guys!”

Robert Cromwell

Bulgarian Companies

Company formation Bulgaria

Bulgarian company formation

Company registration Bulgaria

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